Floor: Cinema-Restaurant Floor
Premises: R15 (J6)

Tel.: 93 259 18 43

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CHURRASCARIAS BRASA Y LEÑA is a typical Brazilian steakhouse, where the true star is the grilled meat, with different cuts of chicken, pork, beef and ox being paraded through the restaurant and served directly from the flame to the table.

The waiters, experts in cutting meat, offer customers the different cuts, choosing the pieces which are cooked according to your personal preference, from rare to very well done.

To accompany the choice of meats, we offer our customers characteristic drinks: our famous caipirinha, our tropical sangrias, or our cocktails.

We round it off with more than a dozen homemade desserts, including mousse, coconut quindim, cakes or fruit.

For more information: 93 259 18 43


Opening Times

14 Saturday
December 2019

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15 December
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